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Friday, 3 March 2017

4 Steps To Start Small Catering Business

If cooking is your hobby and you want to make it profession. So you can start small catering business. It’s not necessary to start big catering company and initially providing all catering services. You can start with small company, desert or coffee bar, afternoon tea near me and so on. After establish your business properly then you can grow it. Firstly you have to plan business strategy .You have to follow below things to start business.

                             How To Turn Caterer Into Success?

1. You should buy necessary things for your catering business. For example, catering equipment, Dishwasher, freezer. You will also require to cooler, air condition and accessories to keep food hot. You also need equipment to transport food and serving dishes.

                              The Ultimate Strategy To Make and Serve Buffets !!!!

2. You need to make catering menu according to your expertise. By research other restaurants, you can make menu. You need to add your special dishes and dishes which people like most in your area. Price should be less than your competitor but it should be profitable. You need to make strategy of cost to make dish and profit on it. You cannot compromise with quality.

3. You have to get license and certificates for your company from food department. Be careful about the terms and conditions while you applying license. Your kitchen safety equipment should match the requirements. You also need to get permission for working extra hours. You can take help from your local business development center.

4. After that you have to make marketing plan, First of all make your business cards. You can also release the templates. Now a day’s social marketing is best idea to publish your business among the society. So you need to make your website or blog. You can also publish your business in local directories. Social sites like (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on) can beneficial for you.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

An Afternoon Tea with a Difference

In the world of technology nowadays, people become so busy in daily life. No one has enough time to sit and talk around. Many incidents remind me of old time when things were not complicated this much. It was the time when people sit together for an afternoon tea, where they all express their views on any topic. I remember was in eight standards when we all family members gather daily for an afternoon tea. We shared many moments from like discussion on any major topic to day trips, celebrations. If I stand back now I see those golden moments I spend with my family. Nowadays people are busy in cooperative life where they get a tea break but many of them stay alone, stay under pressure of work. People are becoming machine’s they don’t have enough time for them. Most of the cases in an cooperate life people stay far from their family where they miss these kinds of  parties with family, friend’s. In the present scenario afternoon tea is just a name left for people. They make business deals over a tea meeting or lunch. In the ancient time it was very useful. Most of the marriage fixation is done on afternoon tea where both family they invite either one on. Our body needs a relaxation time period and afternoon tea was kind of similar to relaxation period for people who work hard. Apart from this it is more useful for the student’s life where when they get a break they get to know more people and become friends and enjoy their student life. For a successful life we need to work hard but along with this it’s good to enjoy little moments over a get-together with families, friends and people for enjoying a healthy lifestyle, because whatever you decide to do make sure it makes you happy as it is a conscious choice not an automatic response.